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Update workspace with pending changes


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Hi there!


I find it totally annoying that you cannot update your workspace when you have pending changes. This is something that even SVN can do (and it can do very little compared to Plastic). In SVN the workflow is:


* update 

* if your changes don't affect remotely updated files - DONE

* if your changes affect remotely updated files svn tries to merge automatically - DONE

* if you have a merge conflict you manually need to resolve it - DONE


So 99% of the time I just do svn update and done.



In Plastic right now the workflow is:


* Go to "Items in Workspace".

* Press "Update workspace" button

* Get a message that you have pending changes.

* Click that message away.

* Swtich to "Pending changes" tab.

* Decide what you want to do with your changes (commit [hell no], shelf, revert).

* Go back to "Items in Workspace" tab.

* Press "Update workspace" button again

* If you shelved your changes, unshelve them.



This is not exactly a streamlined workflow. First off, the update and commit buttons should be on ONE tab not on two different ones. Second, Plastic should really be able to do an update with pending changes, the way SVN is doing it. This would make the whole workflow a lot more streamlined.

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