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Plastic with WPF project crashes VS 2010


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I just gave Plastic a try, but it kept giving me an error.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new WPF project (C#, but I doubt it matters)

2. Add project to repository

3. Open the main window and add a button

4. Right click MainWindow.xaml -> Plastic SCM -> Diff with Previous

5. Click OK

6. "Exception has been thrown by the target of invocation"

Also, I can't figure out how to check into a new branch.

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Hi sharoz,

I was able to reproduce your problem but fortunately it is not critical although it will be solved on the next release.

First, why does it happen?

- It only happens when you diff a "composed" file like the .xaml with an associated .cs and ONLY if you select the two files when it prompts you which one you want and one of them (in your case the .cs) doesn't have a previous revision (recently added, for instance). And, only happens when you've "integrated diff" setup (the default on recent versions, and that's why Miller wasn't able to reproduce it).

Second, workarounds:

1- Select only the .xaml and it will work

2- Once the associated .cs has a previous revision to compare with it won't fail

3- You can go to Plastic SCM preferences and change the "diff tool" like I show on the following screenshot.

And, of course, we'll get it fixed for the next release, most likely next week.




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Thanks Pablo and Miller!

When I selected "Plastic SCM diff tool", it showed this error: "There is not previous revision for MainWindow.xaml.cs" which makes much more sense :)

The .xaml diff worked perfectly. I usually do more design first, so it can be a while before I start hacking away at the code.

How about the issue of checking into a new branch? When coding or designing, I'll occasionally do or discover something nifty which isn't stable or useful enough to go into the main branch. Is it possible to branch from within visual studio?


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Hi sharoz,

We'll get the issue with the diff solved asap. Seems we broke something when we introduced the "embedded diff".

Regarding branching: yes, it is perfectly doable: show the "branch view" (View/PlasticSCM/branches) and then you can branch from there, you know, creating child branches from /main, for instance. You should get used to how Plastic branching works and I recommend you reading our "quick start guide" on the web. http://www.plasticscm.com/infocenter/quick-start.aspx



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