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GitSync performing delete operation non existent on merge.


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I'm having a very strange problem.

A co-worker performed a merge operation on the "git side of the force" and on his merge he's not doing any delete:




After I performed my gitsync, Plastic is identifying a delete operation:




These operations never happened.


What do I do?

I can't "undo" the delete operation on a merge. I don't want to "undo" all his work.

Please, help! :)



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There's seems to have a very strange bug.

I reimported the repo on plastic and the delete operation was gone:




But after another merge, the same thing happened again. There are some delete not performed on Git side:




How can I help you on this issue?


Here is the same commit operation on git:



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Uff it´s very strange. I haven´t seen this issue before. Is it possible to give us acces to the git repo or at least the changeset that is not being properly imported?


We need to find a reproducible scenario.




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If I may, I guess that the problem here happened when we were working on the same branch on git.

I guess that, in some cases, Plastic is "misreading" the changeset.

I've worked on "branch per task" using BitBucket and did not have this issue.

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It's not happening every time. But happened at least three times during this sprint.

Another thing I would like to add, but I don't know if it's related:


Sometimes I had problems with the file permissions changed when trying to checkin a file or undo changes. Plastic displayed a message saying something about the file permissions.

This was happening at the same time as the problem I described earlier.


My company uses the gitlab ( https://about.gitlab.com/ ) as the git central repo.

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