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Can't register license on OS X client.


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I'm using the latest Semanticmerge ( on OSX. Whenever I diff a file in PlasticSCM, it opens up Semanticmerge and asks me to input my license. Once I enter my license and click "Get License", it takes about a second then quits with the message "semanticmerge quit unexpctedly".


I tried multiple times, re-installed Semantic merge and still it crashes even after clicking "Get Trial" button.


I've purchased a license a while ago and never really got it fully set up until now, except for this issue. =/


Here's the full crash report:



Also, here are the contents of "semantic.log.txt" located in "~/.semanticmerge":


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Thank you! That only worked half-way, though...


Now, whenever I Diff a file in PlasticSCM (on OSX) it opens up the "Semantic Merge Tool usage" window instead of the diff window.


I used the default SemanticMerge setting in PlasticSCM > Preferences > Diff tools.

The custom extension is set to .cs


Here's the command I'm using:

"/Applications/semanticmerge.app/Contents/MacOS/semanticmerge" -s="@sourcefile" -sn="@sourcesymbolic" -d="@destinationfile" -dn="@destinationsymbolic" -i="@comparationmethod" -e="@fileencoding"


What's the problem here?

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In the last macplastic version, when configuring the external diff tool, if you select "Custom" --> "Semantic Merge" you will not need to manually enter the command. Just select "Semantic Merge" in the list and the command will be automatically generated.



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