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XMerge on OS X?


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Is XMerge available on OS X? I've set up SemanticMerge to be my git mergetool. Previously when I was using windows and had SemanticMerge try to resolve a conflict in a groovy file, it popped up and told me groovy wasn't a supported language, but allowed me to use XMerge. XMerge worked wonderfully. Now when I just tried to do the same thing on OS X, it popped up and said groovy wasn't a supported language and then "no external merge tool has been specified in order to proceed with the merge". I also don't see any XMerge binary in the .app bundle



OS X 10.10.5

git 2.5.1



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Hi manu. I know I could configure an external merge tool such as kdiff and then it would work. But I specifically want to use Xmerge. On the front page of semanticmerge.com it says 

SemanticMerge includes the text-based Xdiff and Xmerge tools that are able to deal with refactored code at a text level and hence, become the perfect companion for the structural merge provided by SemanticMerge.

Xmerge worked very well for me when I was using windows. I can't figure out how I would configure Xmerge now on OSX, because I don't see anything in the semanticmerge.app bundle that looks like Xmerge or Xdiff executables

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