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Plastic SCM, Unity and TeamCity integration


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Hi there,


I am trying to setup my server with TeamCity, Plastic SCM and Unity. But for the moment, I don't even can get the TeamCity server work with Plastic SCM.

For the moment I try to setup a new VCS Root but the test connection fails with the message : Unable to communicate with Plastic SCM command line shell - Error running command line client on shell mode. The 'cm shell' command was launched but the process terminated abnormally.


Do you have any where does this comes from ?


Thank you very much.

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yes, it could be the TeamCity is being running by a System account that doesn't have the Plastic SCM client configured.


You can review the user running the TeamCity daemon from the Services window.


A very fast way to configure the Plastic SCM client for all the TeamCity machine accounts is pasting the "C:\Users\manu\AppData\Local\plastic4\clien.conf" file inside the client binaries directory, it's usually installed here: "C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client".


After that restart the TeamCity service in order to check everything is fine.


Please tell me if it helps.

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Hi @manu, I've almost setup the teamcity server but I am wondering if there's a way to get the revision Guid ?

I am creating a build folder and I include the changeset number for the moment but I would like to set the Guid as folder's name but I don't know how I can get it.


Do you know how can I get it ? Maybe using the TeamCity Predefined parameters ?

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Hey i just had a question that involves TC and Unity so I figured I'd post here.


I've got my TC setup building off of main. How can I build off of another branch without TC erasing the contents of the agent's repo and re-syncing to that branch? I just want to be able to change to a branch like I would on the Plastic client and have it update. Changing the selector goes and nukes the entire repo that TC was referencing and takes forever.


Thoughts? Manu?

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