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PlasticSCMUnityPlugin lag in Unity 5.2

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We have recently upgraded to Unity 5.2 and in doing so have now noticed that the Plastic plugin process seems to eat enough CPU resources that it makes it difficult to work in Unity effectively. It causes significant lag when clicking within the Unity IDE and the only way to resolve it is to kill the PlasticSCMUnityPlugin process.


Is this a known issue?


Thanks much!



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Hi Sirrus,


this is the second time we hear about this kind of issue, unfortunately we can't reproduce it yet and we don't have more information provided by the fisrt customer facing the issue.


Can you please enable the Plastic Unity log and force the issue? I would like to know if we can see like a leak of plastic operations causing the issue.


I'm attaching here plasticunity.log.conf.zip the .conf file that enables several internal logs, you need to unzip it, paste it inside the Plastic SCM client directory, close unity and force the issue. The logs will be generated at: c:\logs\unity\. Please post them here.


Also, is it possible for you to get connected and review the problem with you? We can try to find a convenient time for the both of us.

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Hi Manu,


Unfortunately it is not consistent. I will do my best to enable the log per your suggestion when I encounter the issue and paste the results here. If there's still no clear path to resolution, at that point we can discuss getting connected.


Thanks for the prompt response!

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Ok, all the information is welcome.


I mean, maybe it's only affecting big projects or an specific type of operation or asset.... Everything you can get is very useful for us (since we can't force it down here).


Next week, tell me when are you available and we can schedule something fast.

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I can certainly see a huge number of Plastic SCM requests from Unity. Not sure if they are all targeting the same directory since the omitted paths.


Is it possible for you to spend some minutes connected with me and review it together?



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I believe the paths should all be the same (only one keyword was ommitted from the logs). Unfortunately, it is tough to consistently reproduce the issue as this morning it seems to be working fine.


Let me dig out this morning/today and perhaps we can connect tomorrow to see what is happening. ?

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