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Support for multiple files?

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I am evaluating Semantic Merge for my team and I find that the lack of support for multiple files is severely limiting. In particular, that means that Semantic Merge has no chance of detecting any refactoring spanning multiple files (such as move method, or extract superclass, etc.)


Are there any plans in that direction?

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I am sure you do :-)

Plastic and Perforce are probably the 2 leading VCS-es right now, but on the other hand, learning a new toolset and switching the whole organization workflows is not something we can afford to do just to gain a few extra features.

The semantic merge tool stands on its own and is easy to justify its value if it provides the full functionality with 3rd-party VCS-es.

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Notice the speed for regular operations such us:

* Update

* Checkin / Submit

* Branch

* Merge

Is much better with Plastic and they are also easier to understand by devs and artists, that means less time dealing with the SCM tool, more time with your stuff, more productivity...


I hope to see you re-testing Plastic SCM in a near future! I'll be available for you to chat if you want :)


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