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You can now request a Personal Edition license and get it immediately just by following us on Twitter.


Community Edition licenses typically take one week to process, although you can always get a 1-month Trial first and start working.


Right now, Feb 2016, we're doing some changes on the way the requests are handled, and there is a bigger delay. We've a pile of requests waiting to be processed.





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I have a personal license which just expired, so I logged into try and renew it, but there is nowhere in the "my licenses" area to request a new one, they just say "expired."


I clicked through the "Buy a new license -> Free & Community" but I can only apply for a new one, which doesn't make sense since I've had one for ages.


I guess I'm just saying, there's no apparent way to request a renewed license so I'm stuck! It's really a bummer too because I'm right in the middle of something at work, and can't sync with my home machine (we use Plastic at work) to get stuff done! Bah!

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