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OSX: LDAP vs UPWorking modes?


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I have a local server running with UP mode for authentication, but apparently the Cloud server requires LDAP mode to be turned on.


On Mac there's that clconfigureclient app, and that's apparently the only way to change modes?


MacPlastic seems to switch between repos on these two different servers without much problem, but I can't seem to use Unity's plugin properly.


Is this a limitation of the Mac client right now? Will I be able to use a local server without LDAP and then use the push/pull workflow to the Cloud?


Btw, is there a guide for this push/pull workflow? I can't seem to find any reference to it.

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Hi there!


you don't need to reconfigure the macplastic client constantly, we have something that is called "profiles" and will allow you to have multiple configurations for multiple servers with different authentications.


I do recommend you the following:


0) Change your client configuration to work with your local server.

1) Configure a sync view to work with the cloud.

2) Just after you perform the first operation with the cloud, macplastic will ask you to enter user name and password, both will be saved as a new profile to work with the cloud.


Notice that if your cloud repositories are encrypted you'll need to install the encryption key, well, you don't need to manually do it, it's automatically done by Plastic but if your Plastic SCM client user is not the "admin/root" user it will fail. The "admin/root" user for a Plastic SCM server is the repository server owner, by default it's set to "ALL USERS" which means no one is the root user.


in order to change it:


0) Open a Terminal window

1) "cm whoami"

2) "cm setowner -user=<Here_goes_the_cm_whoami_result" repserver:localhost:8087" 





Regarding the pull/push workflow:




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Thx Manu, I later found those guides digging a little deeper through your docs and actually setup as you suggested, but right now I'm getting another very cryptic error from Macplastic, this is a screenshot from my Sync Replication screen:




The source is my local machine, that I replicated from our local server in the middle there (that I'm trying to replace with Plastic Cloud).


As you can see I added a Repo I just created in the Cloud and I'm getting that error when it tries to refresh the state of the sync.


Again, my localhost server is using UP mode.


Also, just using @cloud isn't working properly in the OSX client, so I expanded it to cloud.plasticscm.com as you can see.


Any thoughts?

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Can you tell me if you have this directory?


manus-mac:/ Codice$ ls -l "/Users/Codice/.config/.mono/certs/Plastic Client"
total 8
-rw-r--r--  1 Codice  staff  1346 Feb 10 15:27 ski-9C54E44443ACB13234171C017B1671910E95FCAB.cer
Can you check it on the mac machine it's working fine?
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