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Delphi XE10 integration


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in the tutorial



you say that, after installing install SourceConneXion from Epocalipse, it's possible:

"Open Delphi, and go to Source Control\Tools\Provider Configuration and select Plastic as your version control provider."


Is it true for newer Delphi XE10 also ?



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Hi Marc,


Anyway, it is worth pointing that you can perfectly work on Delphi + Plastic without using SourceConneXion, simply do your changes, ALT-TAB to go to Plastic and go to "Pending changes". It will auto-detect added, deleted, changed and even moved files and directories. This is how I work on Visual Studio on a daily basis.


Besides, remember we added Semantic support for Delphi: check http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2015/09/custom-languages-in-semantic-version.html





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