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Gluon Fails on New Repo

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I'm having trouble with Gluon when using any repo other than default when I try to check in changes I get "This operation cannot be performed in standard workspaces" below are my steps;

  1. Create a repo via Plastic SCM client
  2. Update my lock.conf file to use the new repo
  3. Create a workspace for that repo via Gluon client
  4. Create a new folder or file and try to check it in...

As I said above if I skip step one and just use "default" it seems to work fine. any help would be much appreciated.



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I think we fixed that recently, are you using the latest release?


If not, here you have a workaround, it's easy.


Just after creating the new workspace click the configure button, deselect and select the root item and click apply, you should have then a "gluon" workspace and you'll be able to add the new folder.

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