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Categorizing/Tagging Repos

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I am part of the group at the company I work for that has been evaluating Plastic with a few projects for the past several months and in general we love what we see.  As a result, we are planning to move more projects over to it which will substantially increase the number of repositories as most projects are a combination of several dozen libraries.  The design we've been going off of is to store each of these libraries in separate repos and xlink to those that are needed from each main project repo.


So the concern that several team members have is being able to shop around and find what libraries are out there instead of looking at one long list of repos from the Plastic client.  Ideally we would be able to see some grouping of libraries with similar functionality or programming language. 


A couple workarounds solutions:

  • Try to have very strict repo naming schemes so that we can use the filter to thin the list based on a category
  • Use submodules to group repos

The problem with both of these is that they really limit you to applying a single identifier to each repo.  Ideally we'd like to be able to apply tags to each repo - not git tags, something more like your Topic Tags for this forum.  For example, we'd tag a repo as being 'real-time control' or 'imaging algorithms' but also tag it with the product name that uses it.


It doesn't appear you have a way to do this kind of tagging right now but if something like it is to be added, we'd hold off on the partial workarounds I mentioned above and wait until it came.


So is this something that you'll be adding in the future and if so, what would be the timeline on its inclusion?



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I was very happy to propose you to use the internal Plastic SCM attributes but then I realized they are not available for repositories :( only for smaller objects, branches, labels...

I think attributes is the way to go since you can later use the "cm find" command to filter and get results based on the attributes values.


You are kindly requested to add an user voice: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general explaining what you need, I'll move the idea around to try to get it implemented.




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