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First time updating the workspace from another computer makes all the file checkout automatically?

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Hi I am having problems with updating the workspace for the first time.


Submit all the files to repository from one client machine.

Another client machine update the file first time to work in their computer


The problem is that first time updating the workspace from another computer makes all the files checkout automatically and had to submit all the files again and other clients needs to update the workspace again.


Is that behaviors correct. In my opinoin, it shouldn't auto-checkout when the workspace is updating for the first time.


Is there anyway to retrieve the files from repository from Unity without touching plastic scm software?

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I think this behavior is caused by the "Auto add" feature which is enable by default. I think the blank project creation is triggering the add operation of some preferences files wich forces then a merge with the repository content, the result is having all the content checked out.

My recommendation is: For the first update disable the auto add feature or undo your pending changes before the fist update.

You can also run the update from the Plastic GUI instead.

We'll be reviewing this scenario in order to come up with with something better.



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