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These are first steps to work with PlasticSCM:

1. Install PlasticSCM client and server

2. Organize your project in a folder on your hard disk, for example c:\MyProject

3. Open PlasticSCM client and create a workspace in folder c:\MyProject

4. Add needed files to source control (for example, code and doc) and checkin them. You can do it using from a IDE with a PlasticSCM plugin (Visual Studio, Eclipse ... )

Now, your project is under source control and shared to any other member of your team.

When project is under source control, other member can download the code to his computer doing:

1. Install PlasticSCM client

2. Create a workspace in some place, for example c:\DanielProjects

3. Select rigth click on workspace root (c:\DanielProjects) and select 'Update'. All files on source control will start download.

Now, all members of the team can make changes to the code simultaneosily. To modify a file:

1. Checkout the file

2. Modify it

3. Checkin the file

These are very! very! simple steps to start working. I recommend you, reading best practices and documentation to learn more about a SCM system.


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