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TeamCity Integration: TeamCity Server is checking for changes infinitely

Olaf Kober

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Olaf, hi,

this is definitely an interesting topic.

We use a communication file created with the "cm shell" when integrating with CI, in your case TeamCity.

Also, a tmp file is created in /tmp for that communication.

Did you try to kill the cm.exe process? a new one should fire upon the next build.

Interesting places, hints:

Your nightly backup/maintenance procedure are they for example cleaning the /tmp directory?

Also, try activating logs on the cm.exe and review the logs. Full instructions on the following KB:


You are especially interested in the file cm.log.conf that will activate logs for the cm.exe.

I hope the above can be of assistance.


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Hi Miller!

I'm a little bit late, but let me first thank you for your hints. Those guided me into the right

direction. Fortunately, this morning I was able to capture log files of Plastic, TeamCity and file

activity when the issue happened again.

Please, find those log files attached.

Here is what I know:

First, the communication file is located in TeamCity's Temp folder (not the system


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