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Duplicate solution in pending change (VS2010 plugin)


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I just had a possibly related experience.

I used the VS2010 plugin to check in some changes by right clicking the solution in the solution folder and selecting check in.

Plastic then told me that the .sln file was unchanged and if I wanted to do an un-checkout. I selected yes and got an error about the .sln file already being checked out.


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Soho' date=' hi,

Does that happen all time? or only this time. what about doing a refresh.

Close the view and open it again.

could be some refresh thing.


It is very easy to reproduce. Starting with a solution that is not checked out I create a new solution folder. Then I right click the solution in the solution folder and choose check in and voila, two similar .sln files in pending changes.

And no, a refresh doesn't change anything. Closing and reopening the solution doesn't change anything. Still two .sln files in pending changes.

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I just noticed something you might find useful in your debugging.

When selecting "Change source control" I can view all project bindings the plugin has made. I noticed that there was a binding for all solution folders with a binding path pointing to the solution file.

Clearly a bug, that should be easy to fix.

All the unbound projects in the image are solution folders.


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In visual studio I added a class, deleted it again. Now my pending changes shows the project file as being checked out twice. Plastic standalone shows the project checkout only once.

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