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Project not checked out error when undoing checkouts after merge (VS2010)


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I did a simple merge from another branch.

The merge involved some projects (.csproj files) that had not changed between branches, but they were included in the merge anyway.

I made a few changes and made sure everything compiled and hit check in (using the pending changes view in the VS2010 plugin). Check in suggested that i undo some checkouts for non changed stuff, which is quite normal, but when the un-checking out files dialog appeared I got hit with an erro saying that a project file was not checked out in the current workspace.

I hit OK and the un-checkout was aborted, but apparently it did do something, because when i re-ran the check-in, it was a new project file that it claimed was not checked out. Repeating this I eventually got everything checked in, at least this is what I have to cross my fingers and hope for.

I have also seen this behavior in the stand alone plastic gui.


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Thanks for your feedback. We are interested in fixing this annoying issue, but we havn't an easy way to reproduce it. Can you please, provide a post with the exact steps to reproduce the problem? I tried the actions that you describe in the post but I was unable to reproduce it.

Thanks for your help,


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It is hard to come up with a certain step-by-step guide to reproduce this. This is something that happens occasionally. It seems like it is a VS2010 issue, since I can perform a check in with undo on unmodified item without problems in the Plastic GUI for the same change set that the VS2010 complaints about.

I will try to enable some logging. Maybe that will help. In general we have a lot of nasty issues with the VS2010 plugin. I will post some more error reports later.

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