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PowerBuilder - Show History


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Good Day!

Currently, when we are in our PB IDE and right-click an item and select 'Show History', Plastic shows the 3D model of the item's history. This doesn't help us much, so I was wondering what we had to do to get the actual item history to appear.

I ask this for two reasons. First, as mentioned, it means more to us to see the list of changes as opposed to the 3D model. Second, we are used to having an option to get a specific revision of a given object. When using a PB workspace connected to StarTeam, when we select Show History we get a list of revisions and the option to select a revision to pull into PB. This is extremely powerful and time-saving. I am sure Plastic has the same, but I am not sure how to activate it.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Tom,

I just consulted with the dev team, I'm afraid this is what we have at this moment, the 3D history view for our SCC plugin. Ill added to my good-to-have list, but I don't see it changed in the near future, since we have our hands full with other functionalities and the coming 4.0.



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