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Strange Error with Plastic SCM Client GUI on ubuntu during merge operation

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We have installed latest version of the PlasticSCM as a client on an ubuntu 10.04 machine. Everything works fine except merge operations.

When we try to merge two branches via GUI screen it always return same strange error message: "An error occured processing your request."

However when we try the same merge operation in terminal via "cm" command, it works without any problem.

Any idea???

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I've been able to reproduce the case. This is a known Mono issue that we had several releases ago in other cases. The root cause of the problem is the Comments dialog that appear when you're going to merge the items.

We'll fix it but in the meantime you can avoid the problem disabling the comments for the merge operation (at the end, you can specify a comment when you're about to check in the merge results, so this is not a problem). To do that, click on Preferences->Comments and uncheck the "Show comments in Merge command".

That should fix the problem.

Sorry for the inconveniences and best regards,


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