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LDAP support


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Hi Kristoffer,

Well, actually Plastic supports the three mechanisms, although the third one

is not publicly available yet.

You can configure Plastic to be authenticated against a Windows based LDAP

(well, Active Directory), a Solaris LDAP, OpenLDAP, and so on. NIS can also

be used if you select the "name" authentication mechanism.

We currently have customers using both options so feel free to ask if you

need any help setting it up.

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Thanks for your reply, I now also had a look at the specs for the proffesional version.

One more question, if you don't mind. What would a solution with Plastic for development in different geographical locations look like ?

Is this something included in the road map for Plastic.

I maybe back with more questions once I have the eval. version installed.

Kind regards,

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Hi Kristoffer,

Well, currently we're doing remote access through both VPN or

"user/password" authentication and SSL tunneling (the last one is not yet

released officially). We get quite good performance.

But we're currently working on *real* distributed support: Plastic will

implement two different operations: clone (to copy branches from one rep

into another) and sync which will get what have changed, process the merges

and so on. This way we'll enable both distributed and multisite development

(multisite will be actually a scenario of distributed with some


Plastic can also support different rep and wk servers, so it will add even

more flexibility.

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