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What is the best way to setup a new project


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What is the best way to setup a project so that it can be shared. Do I put the project files on the server or on the client. If on the client, how does another developer get access to it? If on the server, how do you get round the problem of the source location not being trusted? Some help would be useful.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Danny,

I was about to ask you how things were going.

Well, follow the these steps:

- Take an empty repository (or create a new one)

- In your workstation create a new workspace

- Make sure the new workspace is working with the right repository (make a switch to branch to the main branch of the right repos)

- Place (using windows explorer) the conents you want to upload to the server inside the newly created workspace

- From Plastic (or a IDE like Visual Studio, Eclipse ...) add all the content to source control

- Look for check outs and check in everything

- Now all the content is on the server

A second developer enters the game:

- He will create a new workspace (or reuse an existing one) on his workstation

- "Point" its workspace against the /main branch of the project's repository

- Right click on workspace root adn select 'update' option.

- All the content will be downloaded

And you're done

If it is not clear please let me know

Hope it helps,

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