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Error during Update process


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I am constantly receiving errors during a branch switch or update process. :-({|= Its almost never the same file as last time and the error message looks like this:

There was a problem setting file attributes on the following item f:\Dennis\Dennis651\DNIS\dnis_manager.cfm: Access to the path 'f:\Dennis\Dennis651\DNIS\dnis_manager.cfm' is denied.

I've examined my local client privs and the builtin USERS group has full control. I even went so far as to specify EVERYONE gets full control at the file system level and this does not resolve the issue.

How do I diagnose this? Is this a server level issue somehow? It's just a few extra clicks to select all and retry update and lo and behold it appears to succeed. Its either that or it's not doing its job and just quitting; in which case I fear for the stability of my code base.

Any ideas?

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looks like a local permissions issue with your local machine. Are others on your company/network facing this issue, if they are not having these issues, maybe a program or a process is interfering, find potential the deltas between your PC and others.

I don't believe your code is compromised on the server!

The thing is the client is probably trying to apply an attribute "RO" to the files but unable to do so.

Try for the sake of testing to create a new workspace and work on that new wks.

also to triangulate the issue try to test "wok with" the non-checkout-workflow mode, which will not force plastic to set RO attribs on files upon update, this mode is explained here: http://www.plasticscm.com/infocenter/technical-articles/kb-no-checkout-workflow.aspx

Share with us your findings,


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