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Only a short comment to explain better this issue.

PlasticSCM has full directory versionning, so new files, deleted files and renamed files, are managed as changes on a directory.

When you make a change to a file, the procedure is checkout the file --> change the file --> checkin the file. Making a change on a dir (add, delete or rename some child) follows the same process. Normally, checkouts to dirs are automatically performed, in order to help user. But it is very important to checkin them because while a dir is checked out, other users will not see changes in this dir. You need to checkin to make effective changes.

A good way to work with PlasticSCM is make checkin from checkouts view. Checkouts view show all files and dirs you have checked out on current workspace. This is how you never forget any file or dir checked out!


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I made a smartbranch workspace and just traded some of the files out with different ones. I don't see any option to check in the different files. I guess its a pretty similar problem to the one above. The only way I can see to do it now is to check out the files in VisualStudio, then paste in the new versions, then check things in | I don't see ways to check out files from plastic, or windows file explorer. It seems like there should be an easier way to do it. Any pointers would be appreciated.


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The files that you have modified are files in a "modified" state. You can see them by right-clicking in a directory in the "Items" view of Plastic GUI. Items modified within that directory will be shown.

The correct process of working is: right click on an item, select check out option, open and write on it, save changes and then right-click on it and select check in. You can see the checkout files in the "Checkouts" view provided in the Plastic GUI.

So, in response to your question you can select your modified files (Ctrl+A is supported), right click, select check out and then right-click and select check in.

In the next public release we will include an option which allows to check in modified files without checking them out previously.

I expect that you find this information useful.



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