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Finding Labels via the CLI

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Good Day -

Is there a way for me to lookup specific labels via the CLI? Currently, I can get the entire list back by using:

cm find label on repository 'REP@IPADDRESS:PORT'

I know that you can use the WHERE clause looking up other items, but I am unable to figure out how to do it with labels. I get an EOF error.

Ideally, I would like to simply find that last label created that starts with 'X'. Something like:

cm find label on repository 'REP@IPADDRESS:PORT' where label like 'X%' and uid = (SELECT MAX(uid) FROM ? WHERE label like 'X%')

Please forgive the SQL syntax. I am just trying to show what I need to accomplish.



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Hi Manu!

Thank you for your prompt reply! I ran that command and, unfortunately, it seems that LABEL is not a query-able object. It does show up as a field on other object types, but I need to query the labels, themselves.

Anyway, that answers my question. Thanks!



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Hi Tom!

I'm sorry I forgot that the labels have an ancient name at the 'cm showfindobjects', it's marker.













You can perform the query using "marker" or "label" it's the same object.



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