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I wrote a working YouTrack issue tracker extension. If anyone should be using YouTrack also, I will be happy to provide you with a copy.

The implementation is a little hack-ish though, since it is almost entirely based on assumptions made from reverse engineering some of the existing plugins.

It seems to work fine though.

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Attached is a very rough first attempt at YouTrack 4.x extension... Almost just a working proof of concept really... I tried to first do it using the YouTrackSharp nuget library but it depends on .NET 4.0 and plastic is .NET 2.

So then I implemented the API calls using WebClient and XMLDocument using XPATH expressions to extract out the values needed to fill the PlasticTask objects.

I'd like to have this be like the JIRA extension that allows multiple projects instead of a single project key. And I plan to implement the checkin override so that I can post to some custom field in YouTrack the changed files and associated comments per checkin.

How can I get at the checkin's comments through the Plastic extensions API so that I can post that to the associated YouTrack issue? Or, any chance you guys could put the finishing touches on this (without the checkin implementation) and provide it in an upcoming release? I know you guys are doing a lot so no worries if it's not possible.

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