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Script to export all branches


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Hi cidico,

Here's a quick batch file I put together to try this out (note I am using Plastic 3.0):

@echo OFF


REM Define path for replication package files produced

set pkg_path=C:\PlasticSCM\Triggers

REM Get repo name, server name, server port from batch arguments

set repo_name=%1

set server_name=%2

set server_port=%3

REM For each branch in specified repo, create replication package in path defined above

for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %%a in (`cm find branch on repositories '%repo_name%' --nototal "--format={name}"`) do (

set branch_name=%%a

set src_branch="br:!branch_name!@rep:%repo_name%@repserver:%server_name%:%server_port%"

set branch_pkg=!branch_name:/=_!

set pkg_name="%pkg_path%\%repo_name%!branch_pkg!.rep"


echo Creating replication package !pkg_name! for source branch !src_branch!:

cm replicate !src_branch! --package=!pkg_name!


It takes 3 args: repo name, server name, server port; and generates .rep files in the directory defined (change that to your favorite location). Files are named after repo and its branches; so if you repo is Code and your branches are /main and /main/fred, it will produce Code_main.rep and Code_main_fred.rep.

Hope this helps!


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Simple and straight to the target!

We definitively need a site to publish this kind of contributions....

Thanks deanaug!

Maybe just a separate forum on this site, similar to the way you've broken out things like branching/merging and selectors into their own forums to make them easier to find.

Otherwise these tend to get "lost in the sauce" as we say here.

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Well this is some kind of experimental stuff and it's not 100% public but since it can't hurt here it goes:

cm replicate /main@repo@srcserver:8087 mirror@dstserver:8087 --clone

Although a source branch is specified in the command syntax, it will replicate the whole repository.


It's available from the release

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