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Eclipse plug-in not working in Eclipse-PHP


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Eclipse-PHP is based on Eclipse Indigo (Eclipse 3.7)

I installed Plastic client 3.0.30.

codice jars are correctly located in eclipse plugins directory, but eclipse does not identify them in any way.

Has anyone tried this?

Am I missing some configuration option?

As a side note - it would have been nice to be able to install them without re-installing Plastic, but I could not locate any documentation for this. IF anyone knows how to do it, it will be good if we have it on the forum.

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Hi Omri,

I've tried eclipse-php-helios (3.6) with successfully.

I'll try with eclipse-php-indigo (I have to found it before :) )

Maybe you can try to launch eclipse-php this way to force the reloading of the bundles:

"$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\eclipse.exe -clean"

At the moment is not possible to install different eclispe-plugin versions without installing plastic scm client entirely. Binaries and jar files are coupled.

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Tried running with -clean, but same happens: plugin not loaded and there is not trace of codicesoftware or plastic anywhere - including Help/About/Installation Details/Configuration and Eclipse error log. It is as if Eclipse does not even try to load the plugin.

Is there anything that should have been installed/updated in eclipse directories/configuration apart from the two jars I find in plugins directory? (com.codicesoftware.plastic.core.jar and com.codicesoftware.plastic_3.0.18730v20110831.jar)

Maybe something in the configuration directory or config.ini?

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Yes, it seems that Eclipse does not try to load the jar files. And at least the "com.codicesoftware.plastic.core.jar" file should be loaded and listed on the Eclipse's Installation Details list, as that jar file has no external dependencies.

No extra requirements are needed by Plastic plugin to be loaded, (unless the plugin dependendencies are missing for com.codicesoftware.plastic_3.0.18730v20110831.jar file).

Maybe you have tried to mount a commons plugin folder for your eclipse installation. (I've found a useful link at: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/582391/installing-eclipse-3-4-plugins-in-a-directory-other-than-eclipse-home-plugins )

that changes the plugins loading order.

Let's try the following:

1-Create a backup of the jar files.

2- remove the jar files from "$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\plugins" folder.

3-Create an user-defined folder to allocate the jar files (e.g: "c:\plastic4eclipse").

4-Copy the jar files to that folder

5-Add the following line to the "$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\eclipse.ini" folder: "-Dorg.eclipse.equinox.p2.reconciler.dropins.directory=c:\plastic4eclipse" (don't include the quotes, and use the path you've decided on step 3).

6-"$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\eclipse.exe -clean"

Second option:

-Just move the jar files from "$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\plugins" to "$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\dropins" and launch "$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\eclipse.exe -clean"

Third option:

-Send me your "$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\eclipse.ini" file and "$ECLIPSE_INSTALL_DIR\configuration\config.ini" files to try your configuration.

-Jesús M.

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Thank you very much for your efforts. I went over the stackoverflow link and tried your suggestions 1 & 2 along with other variations. Still does not work.

Following are the contents of my ini files.












Eclipse for PHP Developers





#This configuration file was written by: org.eclipse.equinox.internal.frameworkadmin.equinox.EquinoxFwConfigFileParser

#Thu Oct 27 21:49:26 IST 2011














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Hi again Omri,

I've checked your config files and they worked fine...

What I did was the following:

- Download eclipse 3.7 indigo and install it.

- Install the PHP development package following the instructions on this link: http://eclipse.org/downloads/php_package.php

- Change the config files so their contents are the same as yours.

- Install PlasticSCM

I cannot figure out what's going wrong in your eclipse installation... Would it be possible to create a .zip file with your eclipse 3.7 installation folder and send me the .zip file?

(Maybe we can share it through dropbox and send me the link to my email address).

Tell me also if the steps I described above were different than yours and if I'm missing something...

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