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Test connection fails to FogBugz


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I have set up a 45-days trail to FogBugz to https://rolandb.fogbugz.com/.'>https://rolandb.fogbugz.com/.

I can login to the webpage without problems.

But from PlasticScm Preferences/Issue tracking Test Connection always fail

Server: https://rolandb.fogbugz.com/

user: roland.bengtsson@gmail.com

Password: *****

I dialog appear:

"The test connection failed: Invalid FogBugZ username/password..."

Any idea why ?


Roland Bengtsson

Attracs Team

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Hello d98rolb,

can you please create a testing account for me and send the credentials to mlucio at codicesoftware dot com?

I'll test it from my computer and I'll tell if it works for me.

I'm sure it has to be some configuration parameter... Our release tests are using another hosted fogbugz account and everything is working fine.



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Hello d98rolb,

I've checked the FogBugZ extension and it seems that the test connection is not working properly but the problem is only in the test connection the plugin should be working without problems.

It's already fixed and it will be included on the next release.

Thanks for reporting!

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