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Active Directory integrated security or LDAP authentication?


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We are installing Plastic SCM at the office and I have a doubt regarding setting up the users.

I have an Active Directory but my developers are working both in Windows and Linux (also Mac for a few of them)

Which authentication method should I use to set up the server? Shall I use Active Directory integrated security or LDAP authentification?

Thanks and Regards

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In this case, you can configure PlasticSCM server on any Active directory integrated security mode or LDAP. They are both compatible with each other. I would recommend LDAP as it is faster, but both methods are valid.

I will try to explain the differences between them:

* Active Directory integrated security can be only used on Windows machines belonging to a domain. PlasticSCM server automatically uses domain credentials to load the Active Directory users and groups. Plastic SCM clients also use the Active Directory credentials to authenticate users against the server.

* LDAP authentication is similar to the previous one but it can be used from any machine, whether it belongs to the domain or not (even with Linux systems). This method uses LDAP protocol to authenticate its users. LDAP needs some configuration parameters:

- Active Directory Server (IP or server name) + port (389 by default)

- Domain: Domain name (example: mycompany.com)

- Username

- Password

- Type of server: In your case it would be Active Directory


Configuring clients:

Plastic SCM clients installed on windows machines belonging to the domain will be able to use either of the two authentication methods. In the case of machines from outside the domain or linux boxes, you will have to use LDAP authentication.

Best regards,


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