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Plastic 4 SCC PlugIn for PowerBuilder does not sync PBG Files


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Hi all,

We're going to start a PowerBuilder bugfix this week and I have some questions for you.

1) I have checked that we're able to reproduce the PBG Sync failed issue in our labs, but I don't really know what really means, since in the Plastic SCM layer all is working correctly. Do you have any guess about what that means?

2) Please, could you give as some feedback about the PB working workflow. How do you share changes between developers. As far as I know PowerBuilder generates some satellite files (extracted from the PBL) that are added to the source control. The PBL files are not added to source control, so how do PowerBuilder re-generates the PBL based on some changed satellite files. Did the Get latest version operation the work? How did you got updated the PBL file in 3.0?

3) This issue (PBG Sync failed issue) is causing that the PBL files is not re-generated?

As a note, I have checked that when you get the latest version, the satellite files are correctly writte to the disk, but when you open the files, PowerBuilder shows the previous version. If you close the file, then checkout the file, and open it again, it seems that the PowerBuilder cache, it refreshed and PowerBuidler shows the "real" latest version. But I'm afraid this is not a good situation. Under my point of view, the PBL should be updated to the latest changes after a Get Latest Version operation.

Any help or comments would be appreciated since the Sysbase team does not answer our questions.

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