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cloning Plastic server, repositories and workspaces on different systems


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Hi Bob!

Well, about the repositories, what I do (not the perfect way to do it, and I don't recommend) is just copy and paste the database file to my other machine.

About the workspaces, I GUESS that it can't be done, since the workspace is associated with a repository (that normally is at local server).

If your laptop have access to your network, just use the sync view to keep synced... This is the safer way to do it.

Manually creating the workspace is your solution. :)

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You just need to pay attention to choose the right folder in your workspace creation.

When you replicate your repositories, Plastic will bring everything that is in the original server.

I have done this a lot of times. Just create the empty repository and do the replication. Everything will be there!

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As I told Paco1863, I don't recommend the copy of repository.

I just do it because I have the problem with special chars and the fast-export / fast-import still not working for me. :/

And right now, creating replication package for each branch is not valid to me.

So I copy the database and at home I just replace the repo file.

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