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Bamboo not seeing the Plastic SCM jar file


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Trying to setup Bamboo 3.4.4 to see Plastic. I followed the instructions and placed the latest jar download (Bamboo_PlasticSCM-1.0.1) in the bamboo install directory (C:\Program Files\Bamboo\webapp\WEB-INF), but when I restart Bamboo, Plastic isnt showing up in the repository combo. What am I missing?


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Hi, Bob

Try in the "lib" subdir: C:\Program Files\Bamboo\webapp\WEB-INF\lib

Then restart the Bamboo server.

It should work, we internally use Bamboo 3.1.4, and the only thing I could say is that the plugin is not compabile with the newest Bamboo 3.4 version, but I really, really don't believe that.

Good luck and best regards,


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