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Adding third user causes Exceed maximum licensed users

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I am setting up plastic 4 on a windows server, and am using username/password auth. I am having problems adding a third person to the repository (sql server 2008). It finally would accept the third name, And upon using this account on his workstation, it cannot do any checkins, checkouts, anything.

Also, after doing cm li, I see three of my name, with different cases DALE, Dale, dale, and then one of each for the other two.

I uninstalled, reinstalled, problem persists. It seems the first two users defined are able to perform tasks normally (still learning this thing though...) yet the third username can update, (get code/projects), but cannot otherwise do any activity that would write back to the server/repository.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Dale,

you just need to run, for example,

cm du Dale


cm du DALE

Remember that you can download the community license from our web page, this license will give you up to 15 licenses. Copy the new license into the server directory and restart the Plastic server to apply the changes.

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