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  1. I know you can tell by using the GUI...and there's probably a command line way? However I am faced with a problem if working mostly in an IDE (unfortunately it's good old Powerbuilder) - where the physical code workspace (ie: on disk) has no indication of the branch (ie: in a branch-per-task model). The problem is that if it's not easy to tell what branch you are in, then there is a distinct possibility that objects may be checked-out/in and worked on in the wrong branch (ie: issue). An example in my case are the prod support guys - they may be working on a dozen different 'issues' in one d
  2. Hi Miller, Actually the problem that I thought I saw caused by my own confusion between the physical file workspace (on disk) that I was working in, and the Platic Workspace that I had active in the GUI - they were different. So while I was doing things in the GUI (like switching branches) that were working - I was not seeing the updates to files in my physical directories. Unfortunately in the Powerbuilder world you never spend any time in the file system - it's all done through the IDE (not unlike .NET or Java I guess) - but the bigger problem is that in the PB world there is the 'interme
  3. Very odd - I have now just been doing more testing and it seems that the workspace & check-out is working OK when switching between branches. I think I may have had the wrong workspace loaded in Plastic compared to the phisical location that I was working in. All the same - it's still quite confusing to operate this way, as without refering to the GUI (or CLI) - there is no way of telling what branch you are working in. In a branch-per-release model of course you would be in different phyical file directory locations and you could tell that way. One solution would be to create a new wo
  4. I am in the process of evaluating the use of a Branch-per-task model in a Powerbuilder (PB) development environment. I am finding it difficult to develop a working model/process from the developers perspective
  5. Hi Pablo, Thanks for the quick reply. Have done some additional checking - and it seems to happen when using objects through the PB IDE. If I create a new object and export manually and add it through Window Explorer all is OK (assume CLI will do the same). If I checkout/checkin/etc outside of the IDE all is OK. But as soon as I checkout/checkin through the IDE, the © is converted to the HEX string. Wondering if the same thing may happen in VS or other IDE's that use the MSSCC API? Not a showstopper...but I've found some other issues that I will post seperately that may well be showstopp
  6. I have just begun an evaluation of Plastic with Powerbuilder (must be the Blog on PB integration here that's causing a gravitation of PB users to Plastic). Have just noticed one strange thing, which may or may not be related to PB. PB stores it's 'objects' in binary library's (PBL files), and these objects can be exported and imported as text files. The MSSCC API (PB IDE uses this) implementation for PB automates this process for checkin/checkout/get latest version/etc. I set up my repository by using the IDE to Add my PB project - which in effect would have exported each PB object to the c
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