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  1. I agree. It's been a very reliable service. But I reported everything we experienced today so that you can make it even better. If it can't authenticate perhaps it should time-out more quickly and report it to the user. I had rebooted my PC initially thinking it was me. Thanks for the status link.
  2. Is that connected to the cloud service? Because that was down for about 30 minutes. I get that these things can happen but I was just hoping that if it happens again it could be handled better by the clients. They need to time-out far quicker and return control to the user. I hoped it would only be for a short time so didn't do anything on my machine, but I think I might have had to uninstall Plastic to get Visual Studio to be usable. Previously too you've directed people to the Azure status page to see if the Cloud version is down, but Azure's status pages had green ticks everywhere
  3. All back for me now.
  4. New message on command line and normal UI (Gluon still Loading): "Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"
  5. After a *long* time - 20 minutes plus - the command line finally returned "Error: SSL negotiation with server Games_Press_Ltd@cloud failed. Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream."
  6. Hi there. I've opened Plastic SCM UI and it's stuck with a blank Workspace Explorer. The Gluon UI is constantly spinning "Loading", and the command line is stuck processing "cm status" in a workspace folder. I couldn't get on your Web site just now although that seems to be working again after a brief 503 error appeared. I take it this is an unexpected downtime, but any idea how long it will be, or if it can be handled better? Everything just looks like it's hanging right now. I can't even switch back to the main UI. Visual Studio won't even open presumably because the plugin is hang
  7. Ah, OK, thanks, the email address as user name worked. I was using the name I gave the API token, which was giving a positive response to "Test connection" before. Yesterday's update stopped Test connection from working, accurately as it turns out! The plug in is good for me again, and settings are being saved now I have no other jira.conf files or folders.
  8. Hi Carlos. I downloaded yesterday's update as I saw there was mention of supporting Jira API keys, but now I can't even get a successful test connection to Jira. And still the plugin doesn't work. I couldn't delete the folder because there was a lock on it, but I did manage to delete the jira.conf file and all but the ssl_games_press_ltd@cloud folders, and the preferences do now 'stick'. Is this a known problem about the plugin and Jira's requirement to use API keys now? It doesn't look like the plugin works at all any more.
  9. All repos. The values aren't *blank* but they were reverting to the old values. What seemed to be happening is that it was saving them to jira.conf in the Games_Press_Ltd@cloud/allrepos folder, but reading the values back from ssl_games_press_ltd@cloud/allrepos Here's my jira.conf (minus the password): WorkingMode=TaskOnBranch Name=Host;Value=https%3A%2F%2F[removed].atlassian.net;Type=Host;IsGlobal=True Name=User name;Value=[removed];Type=User;IsGlobal=False Name=Password;Value=[removed];Type=Password;IsGlobal=False Name=Branch prefix;Value=JIRA-;Type=BranchPrefix;I
  10. This bug seems to have come back, but the solution isn't working any more. Jira no longer accepts username and password and needs a token instead (which you can use just like a username and password *I think*). But it won't save on version What I'm finding is that it's saving it to the non-SSL version of the conf file, but then reading it from the SSL version. My solution is: Set the values, test, and then save. Close Plastic GUI Go to c:\windows\users\[username]\AppData\Local\plastic4\issuetrackers\[non-ssl-server]\allrepos Copy jira.conf which s
  11. Hi. No, I didn't get the poll. We've only moved to the Cloud version a couple of weeks ago so maybe you sent the poll before then...?
  12. Hi there. We've recently moved to the Cloud edition from Team, and I've just run into an unexpected problem: we can't move a changeset into a new branch. We use branch per task, but sometimes we'll test if we actually do need to make changes from the main branch. That means if it's a quick fix I'll sometimes forget to create a new branch before making the change, and might even check it in before realising I haven't created a new branch. Under Team that wasn't a problem as I can just move the changeset to a new branch. But when I tried it in Cloud I was told it wasn't supported yet.
  13. OK, I've finally got it working, but: Despite copying over the conf files like you suggested, v5 hadn't picked up the database connection info. I had to go back into server set up and reapply those. It then popped up a dialog saying it was upgrading the repositories. I updated my client to v5 but after connecting it said I didn't have any repositories. In a bit of a panic I turned off server v5 and restarted the v4 service. I downgraded my client to v4, but that also said that I didn't have any repositories. I had a look at the mysql databases and the repository table inside the repositori
  14. My Plastic v4 is also on 8087 so I don't know if that's part of the problem. So I stopped the v4 service, installed 5, stopped 5's service, then copied across all of the conf files and the lic file, restarted 5, and then installed the new client. But it doesn't have any of my repositories! I'll roll my client back to v4 and hopefully I can reconnect to v4 which I've restarted after stopping v5. So how do I get v5 to use my mysql database? It seems to be connected to it and wanting to use that db. It's just not spotting any of the old databases, it seems.
  15. Hi. Sorry for the slow response. I didn't get any notification that you'd replied despite following this topic. Yes, it's included in the path, the folder is set to be executable by users, but it hasn't helped. I've forgotten at what point it checks if there's an existing product. It's almost immediately isn't it? Is there anything manual I can do?
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