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  1. Hi. No, I didn't get the poll. We've only moved to the Cloud version a couple of weeks ago so maybe you sent the poll before then...?
  2. Hi there. We've recently moved to the Cloud edition from Team, and I've just run into an unexpected problem: we can't move a changeset into a new branch. We use branch per task, but sometimes we'll test if we actually do need to make changes from the main branch. That means if it's a quick fix I'll sometimes forget to create a new branch before making the change, and might even check it in before realising I haven't created a new branch. Under Team that wasn't a problem as I can just move the changeset to a new branch. But when I tried it in Cloud I was told it wasn't supported yet. I then thought I'd just recreate the change in a new branch and copy the code to that, before deleting the changeset in main since it was at the head, but apparently deleting changesets *also* isn't yet supported in the Cloud edition. These both seem like fairly common and not overly complicated operations, so I'm really surprised and disappointed we can no longer do it. Is there an ETA for when these features are going to be added, or will the Cloud edition *never* support them? I was lucky that I discovered this on a quiet work day because I can imagine it being more of an issue another day with changes accidentally making their way into main branch before they've been properly reviewed.
  3. Hi there. I've seen quite a few reports of this similar message on the forum: "Checkin operation cannot be started because there is a merge in progress. Finish it before checkin the changes. In progress merge. Merge from cset xxx." But I still don't know what to do about it, and my colleagues bang their heads into the same problem. We can't check in but who knows how to do this merge? Sometimes while we can't do it in Visual Studio it works in the client app, but sometimes that doesn't work either. The only cast-iron solution seems to be to undo everything losing all changes, then update workspace and try again. There's a real logical problem to this since there doesn't seem to be any option to merge these changes. It seems in v3 the merge happened immediately but now it's being deferred and then breaking the checkin. Is there some real foolproof guide to how this should be working now? I can't even work out what it is that's going on, what the problem is, how to guarantee to solve it. Our designer to use Plastic too and he really doesn't know what he's doing, but at least v3 seemed logical and simple. None of us know what to do to solve this problem in v4. I've attached a screenshot. This is from our designer. He's not even aware of any merge. He just tried to make a small change to the existing workspace, but presumably his workspace was out of date when he came to check in. (It's difficult to persuade him to start a new branch to make one tiny change, and to be honest that seems like overkill to me too, otherwise we're going to end up with hundreds of branches filling up the branch list and getting in the way. Until there's a way to archive completed branches it's not something I want to do anyway.) The question is, how do you "finish" a merge? There doesn't seem to be any button or option to do that. Thanks.
  4. Hi there. We've been using Plastic for nearly a year, and somehow a single file has been inadvertently deleted, or possibly accidentally moved into a sub-folder (there's a copy of it in a sub-folder, where it wouldn't normally be so I think that's what's happened and not been noticed). The problem is we can't seem to get it back where it belongs now. So in my main branch, this file, Web.config doesn't exist, but in all sub-branches it does. So if I swap to a sub-branch, it comes back, but the moment I go back to the main one, it's gone. If I explore it in the client, it's not there. But if I manually copy the file back in from a backup it shows as Private, and if I try to re-add it, the client complains that the file exists. Update or Update Force of the workspace doesn't bring it back, and I can't merge from a sub-branch where it exists as it doesn't come up in the merge window. It seems to both exist and not exist, but I can't include it in my project any more. Is there any way to remove it from the Plastic db so I can re-add it? I don't need the previous changes. I just need it back in the project as it won't compile without it. Thanks.
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