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  1. Support ticket 9009 for plastic support crew. Today we needed to get a new developer started, time is precious, time is wasting. Today was wasted. I purchased a new team license for 6 people (formerly 5, but this is a whole new license as the previous was from a previous account, previous employer, and via their paypal... new one via creditcard/stripe). Fine, good. got the token code. Our server is on a MacPro, so all admin is CLI (where's the GUI admin client?). It is possible I'm a crazy person, but I've not found any guides or actual documentation that is clear in how to comp
  2. TLDR: How might we migrate from our OSX team server and all of it's repositories, branches, etc to a new windows machine? I can't find any cross platform migration tips. The PlasticSCM Server for OSX, in a word, Sucks. While the client has gotten MUCH better in the last year, the server is a total PITA when something goes wrong. There are essentially no docs or guides specific to very mundane and regular CLI admin issues such as: replacing the token (running through server config and specifying a new token doesn't do it, yay), there is no GUI client for admin, etc. etc. After wasting
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