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  1. I resolve this problem. I just copy plastic4 folder at 'C:\users\{User}\AppData\Local' to 'C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local' I can use pscm with jenkins now, but i want know cause of this problem. Regards. Gihong Kim
  2. Hello. This is Gihong Kim I have a problem with plastic scm jenkins plug-in i maked source update job with plug-in ------------------------------------------------ rep "repo1@abc.com:8087" path "/" smartbranch "/main" ------------------------------------------------ But, I pressed build button, the job has shown me some error ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enter credentials to connect to server [abc.com:8087] User: Password: Enter credentials to connect to server [abc.com:8087] User: Password: Enter credentials to connect to server [abc.com:8087] User: Password: Error: Cannot read keys when either application does not have a console or when console input has been redirected from a file. Try Console.Read. FATAL: Executable returned an unexpected result code [1] ERROR: null Finished: FAILURE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Local PC, Every PSCM's functions work well ( make workspace, switch ...) but jenkins NOT... I will waiting your solution. Regards Gihong Kim
  3. Thanks I have solve this problem to edit registry. HKEY_USERS\{User}\Internation\sShortDate yyyy-MM-dd to yyyy/MM/dd Regaratds Gi-hong Kim
  4. Hello This is Gi-hong Kim from Samsung Medison. I have a some problem with Plastic SCM. So I created a new topic about it I manage some of build system(server). there are installed jenkins and plastic scm plug-in. Some of that have a problem with plug-in. When i try source update on jenkins, some error occurred. - Error MSG - FATAL: Parse error: Error at line 17 char 37: Unparseable date: "23-03-2017 16:10:15" I cought difference on build output with another server that well-operating *** It's Problem Server's Date format *** <DATE>23-03-2017 16:42:56</DATE> *** It's Well-Operating Server's Date Format *** <PLASTICQUERY> <REVISION> <ID>1234</ID> <COMMENT></COMMENT> <DATE>2017-03-21T17:34:34</DATE> I tried Change Plastic.conf file at ...\Appdata\Local\plastic4\client.conf and add below data. <FindOutputDateFormat>dd'/'MM'/'yyyy HH':'mm':'ss</FindOutputDateFormat> But same error occurred. I want to change date for mat to 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm.ss' How can i solve this problem. Please. give me a solution ASAP. Regards Gi-hong Kim --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gihong Kim gi-hong.kim@samsungmedison.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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