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  1. Hi Pablo, I agree with your point. It's not likely that we will actually go deeper than 2 or 3 levels, the question is more about being aware of any limits. Also thanks for the information, I didn't know about the possibility to have a session with experts. We will keep that in mind. Regards, Engin
  2. Hi Carlos, Thank you for all the information. Kind regards, Engin
  3. Thank you! That's exactly the answer I needed, and it's funny even some of the wording matches with the question. As an additional thought on this, how would having many submodules in a single database perform compared to making each one a separate (top-level) repository? For instance, should we take that into account for a few thousands of submodules? Kind regards, Engin
  4. Hello, Having a large number of repositories we intend to create many 'levels' by using the '/' character in repository names to take advantage of the tree view in Repositories screen, such as: AAA -- AAA/BBB ---- AAA/BBB/CCC ---- AAA/BBB/CCC/DDD -- AAA/XXX ... I haven't been able to find a specification of this feature in the documentation -sorry if I missed. Before setting up our repos like this, I would like to find out if there are any points to watch out for in such design. For example: - Is there a limit to the number of levels (i.e. depth)? - Are there any 'gotcha's with renaming a repo in this structure? For example, renaming a repo that has sub-repos? as in AAA/BBB/CCC --> AAA/BBB/CCCX Or moving a sub-repo one level up? AAA/BBB/CCC/R1 --> AAA/BBB/R1 The reason for this question is that I found out the "Root repositories cannot be converted into modules" restriction by experiment (discussed here). Briefly, could you please let me know if there would be any other restrictions on freely re-structuring this hierarchy if the need arises later? I hope that makes sense. Thank you for any feedback. Kind regards, Engin.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. The support is great!
  6. Hi @manu, Thank you for this advice, indeed it seems exactly what I am looking for. I assume a permission is disabled when it has both "Allowed" and "Denied" unchecked as below. Kind regards Engin
  7. Hello, We have created groups for integrator and developer roles and would like to have only integrators allowed to make changes on /main branch, and both groups allowed to make changes on /main/dev branch. Integrators are also developers in our case, so they are added to both groups but this causes the integrators to be denied permissions on the main branch. As a solution, we can put each user in a single group. (integrators --> only in integrator group, devs --> only in dev group), and grant permissions to both of these groups where needed. Would this be the recommended approach? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Hi Carlos, Thank you for your quick response and action. If you need more information please let me know. Kind regards, Engin
  9. Sorry but I do not have admin/server access. I can ask the administrator if that will help solve the problem.
  10. Hi, Thank you for your response. I suspect the message you're getting may be the root cause in my case as well, but no such message appears for me. Unfortunately I cannot see what database backend is used. Please let me know if there is a way to find that out without being an admin. Kind regards, Engin
  11. Hello, After I renamed an existing repository (let's say "AAA") to an existing hierarchy ("TOOLS/BBB"), the tree view in Repositories screen does not seem to respect the part before '/'. In the list view, it is displayed as "TOOLS/BBB" and also when I open up the Rename dialog, it shows as "TOOLS/BBB". However in the tree view, it is displayed as "BBB". I cannot seem to get the "BBB" repo displayed under "TOOLS" category in the tree view. Other repos do have this hierarchical display with no problem. Could you please check if you can confirm this issue and let me know if there is a solution? Thank you. Client version:
  12. Hi Miguel, Thank you. Sorry, I don't have information about the server license and version. But I understand it is safe to upgrade the client regardless of the server version. Regards. Engin
  13. I have checked the release notes but there are too many versions in-between to read:) As a side question, is there a limitation on the compatibility between the server and client versions? I believe not as it works allright, it's just to check if I can recommend everyone the latest version safely. Regards. Engin
  14. Hi Miguel, Thank you very much, this has been a real quick fix! I've installed the new version and the problem is gone, all icons are visible. I also see other improvements so my previous version must be quite old. Regards. Engin
  15. Hi Miguel, Thank you for the quick analysis! Looking forward to the fix. Regards. Engin
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