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  1. scaslin

    Unity VersionControl API

    We have a build machine that light bakes our scenes. I need to submit the light maps to the plastic server. I have a basic form of this working OK but when the build machine is out of sync with our plastic server I get an error saying "PlasticSCM : Submit: A merge is needed from changeset 95 to changeset 94 (the changeset you are currently working on) before submitting your changes. You need to solve the conflicts between your current workspace contents and the new contents on your current branch." So I need to merge and resolve any conflicts before submitting. How do I do this with the VersionControl API? I've tried Provider.Merge & Provider.Resolve but to no avail. Is there any example code for this? or documentation describing the process? Help
  2. scaslin

    The server spec is not correct:

    Sorry that it's taken me a while to get back to you on this. Here's the log from a Unity test project. We still have the exact issue with version 2017.2.0f3 of Unity. "PlastSCM : The server spec is not correct:." Hope this helps, Thanks, Steven plasticunity.log.txt plasticunity_api.log.txt plasticunity_commands.log.txt plasticunity_status.log.txt plasticunitypipe.log.txt
  3. scaslin

    The server spec is not correct:

    We are using Unity 2017.1.1p1 but the source control panel is different...so below We only have the issue when we add .unity & .unity.meta to the lock rules and try to save out a scene file. We then get the error. Steven
  4. scaslin

    The server spec is not correct:

    We have just switched from perforce to plastic and we are also experiencing this issue. Is there a fix for it?
  5. scaslin


    Worked this out now so all working great! Cheers
  6. scaslin


    Hi, I've managed to kill the permissions of one of our repositories, now I can't see it at all in the client view. How do I change the permissions of it, if I dont have access to it? Is there a super/admin user to do this? I'm kinda new to Plastic so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Steven