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    Make branch main

    I uploaded a project, made a bunch of changes and wanted to revert to a previous commit. Made a branch off that and there are 3 commits in the main branch after where I branched. How do I make the secondary branch the main branch and ignore the 3 changesets after the branching point? Basically don't want to have to merge with the successive main branch changesets.
  2. Mike.R

    Let's talk about file transfers

    Any action on this? I am bringing on team members but my cloud repo is 75gb and initial setup is difficult with the transfer rate. Downloading a fresh copy takes a very long time. What's the recommended solution now? I'd like to avoid having to upload to a faster host for new team members but waiting for an entire day poses issues. Love the VCS for UE4. I've tried everything and Plastic is by far the smoothest and most optimized for Unreal in my experience. Only negative thus far is very slow transfers.