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  1. TaylanK

    15+ sec lag on saving assets, all the time

    It is a dependency injection framework for Unity, called Zenject. The old behaviour was setting prefabs inactive before instantiation, to ensure proper injection/initialization order, then setting them active again. Starting with v6.0 Zenject uses a different workflow for prefabs so it seems this is no longer an issue.
  2. TaylanK

    15+ sec lag on saving assets, all the time

    Hi @manu Thanks for the link. It was helpful to see the logs as they helped me solve the issue on my end. Problem was a framework we're using with Unity, frequently manipulating prefabs as they were instantiated, causing Plastic to mark a large number of them as checked out. We were able to resolve it by updating the framework to a newer version that addresses that particular issue. Thanks & cheers, T
  3. Hi, We're using Plastic with a centralized cloud repo (v7.0.16.2192) and have started noticing big lag spikes every time we save any assets. Profiling the editor, I've found Task.Wait() call taking a good chunk of time and freezing the main thread while running, which seems to be related to version control. I am attaching a screenshot of the profiler. The lag spikes have been very frustrating so any help would be deeply appreciated.