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    mergbots setup

    Thanks a bunch! Ahhh unfortunately it indeed does say it cannot start without setting up a valid CI. 2018-10-13 09:02:33,588 INFO trunkbot - TrunkBot [Hal] started. 2018-10-13 09:02:33,594 ERROR trunkbot - TrunkBot [Hal] is going to finish: error found on argument check 2018-10-13 09:02:33,594 ERROR trunkbot - trunkbot can't start without specifying a valid config for the following fields: * The plan for CI config must be defined. Perhaps it should be setup so you can run it standalone. At any rate I connected it to a remote jenkins instance for testing and it works. Err spoke to soon. It at least attempts to work so progress, but without fully setting up the Jenkins instance it errors out and sets the branch to failed. This really should be able to work completely independent of any external system.
  2. I'm attempting to get this setup for testing. So I installed the 5 day trail enterprise server at home etc. I cannot seem to get the mergebot to stay running. Upon page refresh in the admin UI it shows as stopped having done nothing. I'm not attempting anything complex with it so there is no CI or issue tracker. I just want to try out it's functionality before I step it up...so I'm hoping that you don't HAVE to configure a tracker/CI/notification system to get it to run.