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  1. JanetGilbert

    Cannot Checkin large repository

    OK, sent your support an email from janetrgilbert@gmail.com I know Gluon, and was thinking of having our artist use it as I think he would like the feature of not having to download the whole repository (his internet is slow) However I'm trying to persuade people who are technical (need code merging) but have been burned by source control in the past, specifically Git, which can make a huge mess of your files if you make mistakes. A more "user error" proof system would be helpful for indie game developers. The PlasticSCM interface is a bit opaque. Lots of tutorials pop up but they aren't really relevant to a beginner is trying to do. Like, the Refresh button is hugely important, but is kinda small and hidden and not really emphasized in the tutorial. An "auto refresh" function like Sourctree seems to have would be great.
  2. JanetGilbert

    Cannot Checkin large repository

    I know there's always a learning curve but choking on large amounts of data is a deal-breaker for me The learning curve is a big deal too because I'm working with people who've been burned by Git's learning curve and it made them skittish about source control in general. I'm interested in source control that has less "Gotchas!" for learners, but SCM seems to have about as many as Git (yes, that refresh button!)
  3. JanetGilbert

    Cannot Checkin large repository

    After further experimentation, I'm pretty sure this is just a problem with very large amounts of data being uploaded. Probably the server is closing the connection. Please could you at Plastic SCM fix this so that we can upload large amounts of data at once? Think I'm going to have to pass on SCM for now, large game data files were a key selling point for me. Back to Git!
  4. JanetGilbert

    Exclusive locks

    I think I figured it out. If you set up the project as the install wizard suggests, you get a distributed workflow. This is very confusing.
  5. JanetGilbert

    Make active workspace does not work

    [never mind, figured it out]
  6. Hi, I'm trying to set up a new repository. I set it up with a centralized workflow (communicating directly with the server) and tried to checkin a large Unity assets folder (2.5 gb). It seems to upload OK for about 20mb and then gives up. The first time the error message read told me the server does not support ssl... but the option to use ssl is not checked in my preferences. The second time it told me "Unable to negotiate connection with server mycompany@cloud. Most likely the server does not support the new Plastic Protocol. Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." This puzzles me because I'm using the Plastic SCM cloud servers. I hope they are already set up correctly to support your "new Plastic Protocol"! What's going on here? Is 2.5gb too much for Plastic SCM to handle at once?
  7. JanetGilbert

    Exclusive locks

    I have a repository "MyProj@local" pointing to "MyProj@MyCompany@cloud" I presume you mean I need to get rid of MyProj@local? How do I do this? I set it up with the default settings.
  8. JanetGilbert

    Exclusive locks

    Thanks. How do I ensure I am following a centralized workflow?
  9. JanetGilbert

    Exclusive locks

    How do I set up the cloud edition so that artists can use exclusive locks but coders don't have to? I want it to give an error if a developer tries to push a checkin to the server that tries to change a file that an artist has checked out. Is this possible? I see a lot of references to lock.conf in the documentation, but I'm not sure if this is needed for the cloud. I've set up the cloud admin page to have lock rules for the repository in question, but it didn't create a lock.conf file on disk... was it meant to?