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  1. Hi, I have installed the cloud edition on a server running CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core). I have a cloud repository that uses encryption. I have created the cryptedservers.conf file within the /opt/plasticscm5/server directory and put the appropriate password hash as returned by cm crypt. Example cryptedservers.conf: Project@cloud project.key Despite this, running cm update complains with this: The server 'Project@cloud' requires encryption, but your server is not configured with the encryption key. To configure your local server make sure you become the admin of the server (owner), try again and you will be asked to enter encryption key. Otherwise, ask your sysadmin or search 'Encrypt all data' in the online docu. I am trying to use this server as part of a CI system. What is the correct way to configure the encryption key? Thanks
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