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  1. VincentL

    Update groups

    Thanks manu for this quick reply ! I though Plastic SCM WebAdmin only allow us to add Plastic Users into Plastic Groups but, as I said, we don't use Plastic Users but LDAP Users : Yes, you're right. I thought about a web page with examples or something else more user friendly than a dos command :). Ok, if it's really not possible, how can I be sure that the update of "groups.conf" file has been taken into account ? Oh... It will certainly be a big problem, we can't rename someone as people information are in LDAP and we can't modify LDAP information. Do we have to hire only people that name is different ? I didn't know you prefer private questions than forum, I'll do for later questions. I think this problem of updating groups manually with LDAP users is so important that may interest other people.
  2. VincentL

    Update groups

    Hi, I'm a very beginner with Plastic so please forgive if I write mistakes and thanks to correct me. Usefull note to understand this topic : Our Plastic server is configured as follow : <WorkingMode>LDAPWorkingMode</WorkingMode> <WorkingModeSettings>add_up;skip_groups</WorkingModeSettings> So that our plastic users come from LDAP but groups are administered through file "groups.conf". For the moment, I'm in charge of scripting updating of groups. I was told that I have to update the file named "groups.conf" on the server side to do it and I have several questions about this procedure. The file is on the server side, for the moment we created a share for "server" folder to access the file. I think I have two way to update this file : 1) By editing it directly 2) By using umtool.exe Question 1 : Is there another better way I don't know yet ? Question 2 : Is there some documentation somewhere about how to use umtool.exe ? When I update groups.conf manually, the rights on repository that depends on the group modified are not updated instantately. Question 3 : How can we force this update to have rights always in accordance with groups.conf contents ? Question 4 : Can this be automatise ? The file groups.conf looks like this : "group:name1:name2:...:". Question 5 : What happens if I have two users with the same name ? Dupont, Martin and Dupont, Martin are two different person... Will they always have same rights ? Thanks Vincent Lojou for Delphi Technologies
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