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  1. While messing with permissions I removed the chgowner and chgperm permissions from the 'ALL USERS' group prior to changing the owner or setting up a group that had those permissions. How do I recover the capability to change the owner or permissions at this point?
  2. Looking at the debug logs indicated that the folder permissions, which were created by root, where not allowing the plasticscm user to access them. I've changed the ownership of the /git/mappings folder and the process appears to be working as expected. I will update this thread if I run into another issue during the Fisheye integration process.
  3. I am attempting to setup a GitServer in order to connect our Crucible/Fisheye tools to a PlasticSCM Repository. I have attempted to follow the steps outlined in Git Server Configuration and Sample Git Server Session. I do not have an existing Git repository that I am attempting to sync on both sides. I only want to provide the export capability from PlasticSCM so that Fisheye/Crucible think they are dealing with a Git repository. I am currently running PlasticSCM on CentOS 7, git version 2.16.5, Fisheye/Crucible 4.6.0 Here is what I have so far: /opt/plasticscm5/server/gitserver.conf #port configuration tcp.port=9418 http.port=80 #mapping storage - the mappings between git and plastic objects storage.baseDirectory=/git/mappings #mapping interval - how often GitServer looks for new changes # on the PlasticSCM side to make them available to git mapping.interval=30 I have restarted the PlasticSCM Server [root@gittest /] cd /opt/plasticscm5/server [root@gittest server]# plasticsd stop Stopping the Plastic SCM server: OK [root@gittest server]# plasticsd start Starting the Plastic SCM server: OK I have a valid PlasticSCM Sandbox Repository [root@gittest git]# cd /git [root@gittest git]# cm repository default@localhost:8087 Sandbox@localhost:8087 However executing the command to clone the Sandbox repository fails [root@gittest git]# cd /git [root@gittest git]# git clone git://localhost/Sandbox Cloning into 'Sandbox'... fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. What are the next steps for troubleshooting this issue?
  4. What is the minimum version supported for PlasticSCM integration with Fisheye/Crucible from Atlassian? We are currently on 4.6.0 and I am unable to see the 'Plastic SCM' option within the Administration panel as displayed in the integration video. -
  5. I am currently evaluating Plastic SCM vs Git as a solution for migrating from our current SVN repository. I have found documentation on importing from Git to Plastic, but can't seem to find any docs on importing from an SVN Repo. Is this supported? Do I need to do a Git-SVN Mirror import, and then import into Plastic from the Git repo? That wouldn't be ideal. Or, Is my search-fu just weak and the functionality & documentation is available somewhere I haven't found?
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