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  1. I also ran into this problem just now - I had a single repository with a child XLink. I was moving some files into/out of the xlink from the main project. But while I did that, I also moved a file from within the xlink to another folder in the xlink -- and deleted the origin directory of that file. In total there were only around 30 files being moved. After reading this thread, I was able to successfully check in all but the problem file. That worked. That left my "pending changes" workspace left with simply the moved file - and the deleted folder. I tried checking that in - and it worked fine.
  2. The only information I can find on slack integration is "make a custom bot!" from 2015, which is no longer supported with slack. Is there any way to get simple commit notifications from Plastic Cloud -> Slack?
  3. I'm evaluating PlasticSCM Cloud Edition right now, and I'm finding an endless series of hoops to jump through to get Plastic connected to the Unity Cloud Build system. I'm not particularly technically minded/server oriented (hence using Cloud Build instead of running my own CI pipeline), but I see that Plastic has some sort of "git support". Can I hook that up with a custom URL somehow?
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