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  1. I'm currently evaluating plastic SCM and am having an issue with a specific lock and ready only situation that i want. I want certain files to be readonly until unlocked. I have achieved this by configuring "lock.conf" and "readonly.conf" to be the same [ie: *.png]. I also have the option "Update and checkin operations set files as read-only" set to false. Now this is almost good for me but it is wrong in one situation which i'm not happy about. The problem is when you first setup a new workspace from a pre-existing repo, any files that should be lock and readonly are NOT read-only until you have modified and checked-in that file once. THEN that file will be marked as read-only. It is as if plastic SCM isn't doing read-only permission handling until checkins are done and not when it first created the files on your file system. This can lead to someone being allowed to change a file that is suppose to be locked file but without locking it and leading to first time conflict issues later on. Can this be fixed?
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