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  1. Ah! I think you are right, my repo wasn't clean and had some content from previous failed attempts! Thank you again for your super fast help.
  2. Hello! I am still trying to sync a fork of Unity's ScriptableRenderPipeline and ran into a new and confusing error message: What could possibly be going on here? I'd be very grateful for any input or a poke in the right direction. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for your quick reply - this worked out really nicely!
  4. I would like to sync to a fork of Unity's ScriptableRenderPipeline but I am running into problems. The repo does not have any submodules at the moment but as Plastic will also sync to the history it does ask about a number of submodules which it had in the past. From my understanding I have to create repos for the individual submodules, sync them and add information about the submodules in the gitsync.conf. I might be already off there, this is my first attempt git-syncing anything. Some of the submodules however do not exists anymore and I am unsure how to procede here. It would be best to ignore the submodules altogether. I'd be very grateful for any hint in the right direction.
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